ZEBRA DOVES – 15. Yes, the doves are breeding again!

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This morning, I woke up late and missed seeing the three birds stirring from their roost. However, I was pleasantly surprised to hear cooing. The two young adult birds were foraging on the ground while the adult was sitting comfortably between the fork of the mempat tree. Suddenly it flew off to the old nest site in the Golden Penda tree. It was cooing repeatedly, making low gurring sounds in between.

When I returned home just after midday, I heard more cooing. The three birds were back. The two young adults were again foraging on the ground while the adult was in the old nest site. Soon, the two other birds joined it. The adult was sitting in the old nest site adjusting the sparse nesting materials of dried pieces of twigs and coiled climbing fern stems. One bird nearby was seen contributing a piece of dried plant material.

There was a cooing from nearby, probably made by the mate. Soon all three birds flew off. I took a closer look at the tree and yes, there were definite signs of a new nest.

YC Wee
21st September 2005

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